City Weekend

"In only two years, the Beijing Playhouse has become the largest locally produced English theatre in China—an impressive feat." —City Weekend

American Association of Community Theatre

"Expats from all over the world and English speaking Chinese pioneer new territory at Beijing Playhouse."

Snow White

“Well Done! Fun and entertaining for adults and young. Great family show.” —Patron

Harrow International School

"A great show and we look forward to another one next year." —Danielle Byrne, Director of Drama, Education Program Partner

Beijing Kids

“Not often does an expat come to Beijing who has influenced numerous lives in the way that Chris Verrill did with his founding of the Beijing Playhouse (2006) and the Charity Readers Theater (2013). Along with introducing English language community theater to Beijing, he sparked an interest in many actors and other participants involved in these stage shows that they may have otherwise never knew existed. We at beijingkids have featured Verrill in our magazine and blog on numerous occasions because we have always appreciated the hard work he has put into his stage shows and the strong connections he has made with the greater community. When we heard about his upcoming departure we couldn’t let him go without asking him about his plans for the future and what he will miss most about life in Beijing. Though it is always sad to say goodbye, the good he has done outweighs this sorrow and will hopefully create a new generation of stage show enthusiasts that will continue building this art form with the same vigor and passion as Verrill.”

US/China Theatre Director

“Chris Verrill is an individual you can trust to find a way past extraordinary obstacles and to do it creatively, with integrity and, most often, joyfully because of his level of commitment and his extraordinary energy and tactical expertise. And let me not forget total integrity. This, perhaps, above all.” —David Peck

Melinda and Jason Frost

“To all Beijing Playhouse Camp teachers, directors and volunteers, We would like to congratulate you on an incredibly entertaining and delightful show on Saturday. We were absolutely amazed at the complexity of the performance and the skill with which the kids performed. Our daughters, Aubree and Cassie Frost, loved the camp! We think the camp activities and performance helped raise their self-confidence and gave them an experience to truly be proud of. We liked the fact that the camp activities had a tangible goal at the end and that the campers had a wonderful performance to show for their hard work. Job well-done! We’re so proud that our girls were part of this great production!” —Educational Theatre Parents

Lara Harris and Jesse Curtis

“The kids learned a lot and were given ample opportunities to further develop their acting, singing and teamwork skills. I couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of staff instruction and ability to inspire the best in all the children. Best of all, they had a wonderful time. It inspired in them a love of theatre. Thanks!” —Educational Theatre Parent

A Christmas Carol: A Twisted Musical Comedy

“I was a bit surprised by the mix of adult and kid humor being put into one play, but it was perfect. Something for grandma to laugh at with the grandchildren, and witty dirty sex/culture jokes for the rest of us. Good job.” —Patron


"A funny fractured fairy tale for the whole family—for adults and children alike. Bring the kids and celebrate Christmas."

Curled Up with a Good Book

"This is a guy with a soul and a heart and a conscience and a purpose that transcend politics, and I’d travel with him anytime." —Marie Jones

Ming Wei Fasqualle, Age 9

“When I act here it makes me feel happy.” —Educational Theatre Student

Global Times

"Performances for the past three weeks have sold out."


“I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I saw it twice. A marvelous performance by all. Perfect for families too.” —Patron

Robin Hood

"I found the mixture of jokes and puns for old and young particularly appealing. Great entertainment and most enjoyable.” —Patron

Catherine Leininger, Age 10

"I learn how to be loud and to be big and most important not to be shy." —Educational Theatre Student

Melody He

"Fantastic program. Expected Maya to be shy and hate it (at first). She loved it right from day 1!" —Educational Theatre Parent

You Can't Take It With You

“The actors in the show "You Can't Take It With You" are excellent, and their performance gave audiences a good time that night.” —Patron

I Do! I Do!

“I think everyone was very professional, enjoyed it very much! Thanks!” —Patron

Swamp Review

“For anyone who hasn’t found the time to travel beyond the boundaries of their own country, I highly recommend reading Chris Verrill’s Is For Good Men To Do Nothing. A more intimate view of international travel could not be achieved without actually doing it.” —Adriene Jones

Beijing Weekend

"It's a rollicking musical about good-hearted New York gangsters--brought to you in English by a cast hailing from around the globe."

Love, Sex and the IRS

“I attended with thirty of my graduate students, who absolutely loved the show. Their first language is Chinese, so they were very appreciative of the subtitles. I myself found the show incredibly over the top, the characters almost cartoon-like—A PERFECT FARCE!!! Loved it.” —Patron

Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

“My children thought it fantastic—which is pretty good for anything to do with Shakespeare.” —Patron

Nicolle LaFleur

"I think the Beijing Playhouse programs for kids teaches them much more than just how to have fun with performance arts. Thanks to your team for providing her the confidence to be her best on stage and off!!” —Educational Theatre Parent

Romeo and Juliet

"Excellent show. We did enjoy a lot. We came from a far place. This show is worthy!” —Patron

Guys and Dolls

"Fun!! Exciting! Dolls were awesome!!! Dresses were fun.” —Patron

Alexandra Helbringer-Escobar, Age 8

"I learned how to sing better, act better, and dance better. I made awesome costumes, made settings and had lots of fun!! 🙂 These two weeks were great!” —Educational Theatre Student

Javiera Escobar

"Alexandra raved about every aspect of the camp!" —Educational Theatre Parent

The Beijinger

"A great way to spend a spring evening in Beijing."

#8 Middle School

“The singing and laughter are still around me. I should say thank you to your staff for bringing such excitement and enjoyment and amazement to me and our kids.” —Teresa Zhao, Educational Theatre Partner

Wizard of Oz

“Amazing play!!!!! Very well done.” —Patron

Lucy Young

“Haley had a wonderful experience at Drama Camp and I believe it has really helped her self-confidence and shyness. You have a really great program.” —Educational Theatre Parent

Kim McVeigh

“Fiona had a wonderful time at your camp. I saw an amazing difference in her confidence from her first day at auditions to the final a whole new girl. Thank you for that.” —Educational Theatre Parent

Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

"I am very impressed with the staging and acting. And I'm very happy to be here!” —Patron

Josephine MacDonald

“Malcolm and I are so impressed with all the learning experiences and how the girls come home so happy and tired!!! each day. Thank you to you and the whole team for all their time, professionalism and energy!” —Educational Theatre Parent

Yew Wah Arts and Language Center

“The camp was really really great. You guys were organized and you run a tight ship. Nothing but good comments!"—Aaron Rosa, Administrator, Theatre Camp School Partner

Beijing This Month

"It's fantastic family fun with a charming score."

Antal International

“It really was a first class performance.” —Robert Parkinson

Brothers Judd

“One of the chief attractions of the book is the pleasant demeanor and sunny outlook on life that Mr. Verrill brings to his quest.” —Orrin Judd

Childlight Foundation

“Your book was fascinating and I honestly laughed out loud many times as I read your observations and commentary.” —Diana Tacey

Terence Egan

“Since she participated last year, she's got the hang of performing larger than life and beginning at the top of the scene. She's done some big performances for her school in front of large audiences and with well known local talent. She knows how to create that extra spark now. So, thanks to you for that.” —Educational Theatre Parent


“We had a great time and our three daughters loved the Sunday afternoon performance and meeting the actors following the show!” —Patron

Snow White

“That Snow White show as perfect and was the best performance I have ever seen in my whole life.” —Patron

Beijing Café

“It was a well-done, heartwarming performance that I would highly recommend.”


“Thank you for having presented such a wonderful show and gave me a chance to know better about American life and history in this way.” —Patron


“It was a wonderful play. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for making me laugh for the whole evening!!” —Patron

San Mateo Times

“Chris Verrill makes the most of the role. Perfectly outrageous, he consistently sparks hilarity.” —Performance Review

Jordan Lasoff, Actor

"It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had, and this is coming from a "Veteran" of the stage. I love Beijing playhouse" —Actor, A Christmas Carol

Love Letters

“I came on all three nights, and although the production values and ticket price were good... I was most impressed with the quality of the acting. Your actors put on one hell of a performance! Watching them perform was worth every penny!” —Patron

Yuna Cho, Age 8

“I enjoyed this whole camp! This was the best thing I ever did in my LIFE!” —Educational Theatre Student

Rosa Qin

“We did it! Best thing I ever did in my life!” —Teaching assistant, on last day of educational theatre camp

Robin Hood

"I thought the writing was inspired. Hilarious actually! So nice to be able to go and see something, in Beijing, that appeals to my sense of humour yet is also suitable for my little ones. Song adaptation was very cleverly done.” —Patron