Happy Campers

Educational children’s theatre camp production of Gulliver’s Travels. Fun and learning are the goals.


In the 2016 election, Verrill founded Beijing for Bernie. (Debate Watch gathering shown here.) We need to bring common sense and civility back to the American discussion.

Educational Children’s Show

Educational theatre production of Rapunzel. A professional show toured local schools and inspired students to learn about growing up.

Charity Readers Theatre

Charity Readers Theatre production of Grapes of Wrath. 100% of ticket sales donate to a non-arts related charity. Producing powerful dramatic theatre while at the same time setting an example of professional philanthropy. CRT was founded by Chris Verrill in 2013.

Script Development

Beijing<->New York, a full length comedy farce, written by Li Boen and commissioned by Chris Verrill, is currently in workshops. Think Fresh of the Boat meets Noises Off.